The heart of the Laser Printer : Best Laser Toner Online! 
We envision making Information Technology (IT) a part of every household, therefore we offer a wide scope of 'Made in India' computer accessories and peripherals. We provide high quality IT products and solutions at affordable costs to end-users. With a wide choice of items, we make precisely what you need to accomplish remarkable printing.

Serving all your needs: Laser Toner Cartridges Online & Best laser toner Online  
We are truly a 'Make in India' organization and are dedicated to the nation by offering OEM quality items at 70% of the costs, thus beneficial and productive to both affiliates and the end users.
For example, if you are looking for the best alternative for an HP original toner cartridges, we have got you covered. ProDot Group models the best laser toner cartridges online that replaces HP original toner cartridges or other brands like Canon, Samsung, Ricoh etc. The features and quality that you find in our laser toner cartridges are at par with HP original toner cartridges.
So, we have a whole range of compatible laser toner cartridges that can be replaced with the Canon, Brother, Samsung or HP original toner cartridges keeping the parameters of print quality and page yield in mind.

Availability of laser toner cartridges online and offline 
We have a PAN India presence from Kashmir to Kanyakumari with our best laser toner online as well as offline. One may find our product availability at 10,000+ counters across India via the offline channel, whereas our laser toner cartridges online are available on various e-commerce websites too for government or retail buying.

Wide Range of products Available
With a range of 65+ models available, we provide the best laser toner cartridges online as well as offline for almost all the running models of laser printers. These ensure that there’s a more cost-friendly option assuring quality and service available as compared to the OEMs.   

Perfect Matching System
Since, we manufacture compatible cartridges therefore, ProDot ensures that there’s perfect matching of components viz. OPC drum, toner powder, mag roller, blades etc. All these ensure perfect fitment into the printer.

Crisp ‘n’ Dark
Each ProDot cartridge goes through 3 quality checks to ensure print accuracy, durability and compatibility. We utilise the toner of appropriate chemistry, pigments, additives etc. to provide dark and crisp printouts.

100% Printer’s Protection
ProDot cartridges are adjusted to appropriate torque and tension for smooth movement and minimum load on the printer's motor therefore, the printers are always protected. 

Page Yield
We put adequate quality of toner to get page yield as per OEM.  One may look at the laser toner cartridges online on our website and see its page yield. It is based on 5% of coverage area under ideal conditions. Actual yield may vary. 

Why choose us?
We are a Make in India brand and offer the best laser toner online or offline for compatible cartridges in terms of trust and reliability. We are transparent in our approach and would do our best to serve you. Your trusted IT Partner, always!