Product Process

This is how your ProDot products are manufactured.

  • 1. RM Shop

    Procuring good quality raw materials from leading national & international sources. It is stored in a well-planned 20,000 sq ft space where FIFO and 5S is implemented for systematically storage.

  • 2. Production Shop

    Our shop comprises of programmable logic controlled injection molding machines operated by skilled personnel who continuously check if the molded pieces are of appropriate size, and shape.

  • 3. Assembly Shop

    The individual components manufactured are assembled to make the final product. All workers are trained to follow internationally accepted procedures of assembly. Batch and online testing is a custom at ProDot.

  • 4. QA Shop

    It ensures that the performance of all ProDot products is as per international standards and benchmarks. A team of 50 engineers and technicians is dedicated towards the same.

  • 5. Packaging Shop

    Our packaging shop is equipped with latest machinery for bottling, labelling, printing, batch-coding, sealing etc ensuring that all ProDot products are in attractive, informative and safe packaging.

  • 6. Warehouse

    FIFO based inventory management system ensures sufficient availability of fresh stock every time, which can cater to ever increasing demand of ProDot products.

  • 7. Transportation

    Keeping in view of safe, timely and faster mobility of our goods, ProDot employs its own transportation system to honour customer service and timely delivery.