Buy CCTV Camera Cable in Delhi

Closed circuit television or CCTV is generally used to monitor a particular event or series. The  purpose of CCTV is security or surveillance. But as the popularity of CCTV has grown, they now serve purposes more than just monitoring events. And to provide assistance to the working of CCTV, CCTV camera cables are used. With easy access to multiple shops and online platforms you can easily buy CCTV camera cable in Delhi and PAN India. CCTV requires a monitor or recording device attached to it for storing the footage of the camera that can be used in the future if need be, For connecting the camera to the recording device, CCTV camera cables are used.

The 24*7 Security Guard: Buy CCTV Camera cable in Delhi and PAN India

CCTVs are everywhere these days, from roads to classrooms to retail outlets. Everyone has a CCTV installed at their place to keep an eye on what’s happening in their premises. Even when we talk about the capital of the country Delhi, you can easily find different types of CCTV installed in every nook and corner of every street. And to keep the cameras logged in for monitoring, cables are the primary requirement that connects the camera to the recorder. Nowadays it has become a lot easier and convenient to buy CCTV camera cable in Delhi or at any other place for that matter as CCTV has become more of the product of need than that to provide coverage on specific events.
We at ProDot manufacture premium quality CCTV cables that provide high quality audio and visual signals. As our products are available at both online and offline platforms, you can conveniently buy CCTV camera cable in Delhi and PAN India.

Buy Premium CCTV cable in Delhi

ProDot’s  3+1 CCTV cable ensures that it has 1 Video Cable and 3 other cables that are used for power, audio in and audio out. Premium quality raw materials ensure that the signal can be transmitted over longer distances without any interference. Also, its high grade PVC ensures that there’s no oil leakage or cracking during winters and summers thus, making our 3+1 CCTV cables all weather cables.

CCTV Cable Features: ProDot’s 3+1 CCTV Cable is a perfect solution to the ever-increasing demand for high quality video and audio signals. It is made from quality raw materials like 100% pure copper, high grade PVC, that is processed by the latest machines by experienced craftsmen. It has the following features:

Not only do we provide quality audio visual signals, but our CCTV cables also provide metered markings at every metre of a 90 m roll so that the total guaranteed length can also be easily verified by the customer. If you are quality conscious and don't want to trust online products when it comes to electronics, you may easily find our Premium CCTV camera cable in Delhi and in other states at any of the local dealers to verify the quality of our CCTV cables and then make the purchase.

Buy 3+1 Premium CCTV cable in Delhi

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