Surge Protectors: Buy Extension Cord Online

A surge protector, sometimes known as a surge suppressor is a device or appliance that is designed to protect electrical appliances from voltage spikes. The surge protector works in such a way that it controls or limits the voltage supplied to the connected electrical device(s), either by shorting or blocking any unwanted or excessive voltages above a safe threshold to the ground.

Things to consider before you buy extension cord online:

Before you consider buying an extension cord online or offline, there are 3 key factors you should take into consideration before selecting the right extension cord.

ProDot Surge Protectors:

Looking for the best option to buy extension cord online?

Well, ProDot is the right brand that protects your valuable electronics from power surges. Its circuitry comprises an important component named MOV (metal oxide varistor) that protects it from high surges.  ProDot has specially designed sockets that perfectly lock all kinds of plugs ensuring perfect plug locking. Vides premium quality extension cords that keeps you and your products safe. We have a wide range of extension cord options available for multiple purposes and usages. We offer the best quality extension cords at the most economical prices. Not only can you buy extension cord online at ProDot but can always find it offline at the nearest dealer or electrical store in your area.

Surge Protector Details: Our range of surge protectors are available in multiple wire lengths, sockets, usb ports, surge protection level, maximum spike current and maximum load. Our best extension cord with USB port provides 2.1A output current.

Well, if you are looking for an advanced version of an extension board that not only connects electrical appliances but also facilitates protection against surges and comes with USB charging ports, then ProDot is the answer. We provide the best extension cord with USB both in terms of quality and safety.USB extension cords allow you to expand the range of your USB connected peripherals to the maximum ensuring protection against voltage strikes or fluctuations. We have a varied range of surge protectors that provide you with multiple options both in terms of plug sockets as well as USB ports and surge protection as per your requirement. We provide the best extension cord with USB at the best possible price across PAN India.

About ProDot Group: We are a leading manufacturer of IT products that deliver a range of ‘Make In India’ computer peripherals and print consumables. With the aim of becoming India’s largest manufacturer & provider of IT products and solutions, we work in the direction of delivering high quality products and providing them to the retailers and consumers at the most economical rates. We envision it to be a part of every household and make IT a part and parcel of their lives.