Expand Your Reach & Buy Spike Busters Online

Not all devices have longer cable lengths that allow you to work comfortably from your own sweet spot, some of them have shorter cable lengths and make you move to the socket than bring the device to you. The answer to those is ProDot Spike Busters.

What Is It?

A spike buster is an extension cord or an extension plug that allows multiple sockets to be patched onto one. It acts as a power extender that can be used in outdoor as well as indoor settings. ProDot Spike Busters come with a Power Switch and variants of 4 socket and 6 socket buster to connect 4 devices or 6 devices at once. You can buy spike busters online as well as offline.


4 Socket Spike Buster Online

Nowadays, we can buy anything at the click of a mouse. All these e-commerce sites are offering ProDot Spike Busters, so you can also visit any of them and buy spike busters online or if you want to venture and buy it offline, then, you can also find it available at your nearest distributor and dealer. ProDot spike busters are compatible with more than 50 country plugs and are of premium quality. We provide quality products at the most economical rates.
About ProDot: We are a ‘Make in India ‘ company involved  in production and distribution of IT products for your requirements of computer peripherals and print consumables.