Packaging Details:

Dimension in cm(L x W x H )

55.00 x 11.50 x 4.00

Weight in gram

Product Features
ProDot keyboards and mouse combo have these features: 
ABS Plastic

Quality plastic for strength & durability

Optical Navigation Technology
For precise positioning & movement
Plug & Play

Just plug it & play with it!

Stylish & Comfortable :- Elegant design keeping in view comfortable typing experience and stylish color theme to add value
10 Hot Keys :- Shortcut keys to ease multimedia usage and save time.
Different Shapes & Trendy Colour :- Trendy coloured hot keys and mouse add a stylist favor with differently shaped mouse ensuring that the look is always new
100% Copper :- 1.5m long wine in 100% cooper ensures that there's seamless transmission of data without any interference

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