prodot group agrees on vocal for local

Earlier on May 12, Prime Minister Modi emphasised on the use of Indian products to make India self-reliant in the coronavirus pandemic. Since the day this dangerous epidemic has entered India, we have realised the importance of indigenous manufactured products be it masks, sanitizer, garments, food product, vehicle, or computer accessories. It’s high time we should go ‘Vocal for Local’. This will not only make India self-reliant but also create job opportunities as organizations would also scale up their sizes.

It is not only profitable for resellers, but also for end-users. When you use Indian products, you are contributing to the Indian economy and circulating the flow of cash within the country. Basically, the forex of the country stays within the country and does not go outside internationally. So, one should be proud to use indigenously manufactured Indian products and contribute to the country.


ProDot, the brandname under the company Datalink Industrial Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015, CE, FCC certified Company based out of Delhi. It’s been engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of computer accessories and peripherals for 30 years now. ProDot’s product portfolio comprises Cartridges both dot matrix printer ribbons and compatible laser toner cartridges, keyboards and mice, surge protectors, spike busters, laptop adapters, USB Hubs, CCTV Cables etc. The Company manufactures Compatible Laser toner Cartridges that replace the HP Original Toner Cartridges or other OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and perfectly fit into their printers and give quality printouts as per OEM yield and standards at economical price. The Company enjoys a market share of about 70% in dot matrix printer ribbons and about 30% in Laser Toner Cartridges. The Company has a manufacturing facility in an area of 50,000 sq. feet and has a workforce strength of about 1000 people. It was recently awarded the ‘Maximum Employment Generator’ by the former CM himself of Uttarakhand. The Company possesses a distribution channel of 10,000+ dealers and distributors across PAN India and has about 10+ Depots across India in various states to make its presence national. It has a dedicated logistics Partner to ensure that the goods reach timely and efficiently. The Company proudly serves 1 million customers and has reputed partners like Sahara, Indian Railways, High Courts under its ambit. It relentlessly strives to be “Technology Creator” instead of “Technology Importer” and is a true Make in India brand. The CEO of the Company, Mr. Pramod Rajpal envisions making IT a part and parcel of everyone’s household and believes that India can be the next manufacturing hub and supports the PM's ‘Make in India’ vision.

Prodot Group highly agrees on “Vocal for Local” and wants its customers to promote and buy indigenous goods in all categories be it IT, automobile, apparel, stationary etc. This would generate employment and make the workforce skilled and educated thus, strengthening the nation. ProDot also runs various programs to uplift society and conducts Refilling trainings free of cost to give basic knowledge of how to refill cartridges or inks so that people can earn their livelihoods from refilling. A number of refillers have benefited from it.

Choose ProDot, India’s manufacturing company for computer and printer accessories, and meet your requirements on compatible cartridge for HP Printer, Canon printer, Brother Printer, Ricoh Printer and get quality printouts at about 1/4th cost and make huge savings.. Its other products of keyboards and mice, electronic safety goods, CCTV cables, USB Hubs are also available at economical prices thus being total value for money. The company wishes to grow and help India to grow at a larger scale.