optical mouse quad relaxation in symmetry

In layman language the term QUAD or quadrangle is used to define something which has four corners and a closed figure. Shape likes square or rectangle fall under the same category. We as technology experts, get inspired from simple things and design a technology which can indulge you in relaxation for its symmetry. 

Our new range of optical mouse is the Best Wireless Mouse For Laptop and desktop system both. Its sensor technology of optical navigation ensures proper coordination and movement of the mouse with respect to the system. It gives you high precision and extra smooth operation in your daily life. In addition to that, switchable DPI into 800/1200/1600 gives the freedom to the user to change its sensor resolution as per need. The four buttoned structure and ABS plastic body gives durability and a quadrangular look. The beauty of the Quad lies in its symmetry. Its symmetry makes it extremely comfortable and relaxing to use.

The ABS plastic not just strengthens the internal structure but also delivers an ergonomic design. Our new optical mouse is available in three different finishes - matte, glossy and grey finish which will look extremely classy in your workplace. 

As for the workplace is concerned, mouse is one of the most used and important products of the corporate world. Each day, we find ourselves clicking our way through the day! We acknowledge the usage and problems and that is why our best wireless mouse in India comes with a long click life of almost 5 million. So you can conquer the world with high class quality and speed. 

You can purchase Quad the best Wireless Mouse For Laptop from both online and offline platforms across India. We distribute our product in singular and bulk orders across Pan India.

With the aim and vision to provide quality indigenous products, ProDot develops and manufactures its products inhouse and distributes it across India. It not only gives us the opportunity to provide cost efficient technology but also provides a helping hand towards economic development of the country.   

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