OPC Drums

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OPC (Organic Photo Conductor) Drum for laser Printer

OPC drum is taken as critical component for any laser printer responsible for quality and performance of image printing. For the laser printer, image formation task is done by toner that sticks to OPC drum further. Now OPC drum will get charged and Laser light will be exposed on printing area to print the final image that will be visible to us. In this way, OPC drums are considered major requirement for any laser printer.

Largest OPC Drum manufacturer and supplier in India

At ProDot, we mainly do provide OPC drums for Samsung and HP printers. The quality of OPC drum for laser printer available with ProDot is almost same as OEMs but very reasonably priced.

ProDot is India’s largest manufacturers and suppliers for OPC drum always using best tools and technologies for manufacturing all laser jet components.

Each and every laser jet component available with ProDot is checked and tested on different quality parameters before it is given to customers.

Our wide range of OPC drum is well appreciated across India for its strength, durability and performance.

At ProDot, our expert team is always happy to assist you in all possible ways. If you wanted to know more on OPC drums specs and prices, kindly contact our team right away.

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