Refill for cartridges with ink pad (in 10s pack with special roller ink)

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For industries, still using Dot matrix printer getting DMP refills has become a daunting task. The best idea is to find best service provider to get your job done. ProDot is single largest manufacturer of printer consumables in India offering refiling aids for laser printer, inkjet printer and DMP printers. Refill DMP cartridges with ink pad today, make your job easy with us.

Have your every think why to refill DMP cartridge with inkpad?

Actually, DMP refills is a cost saving tool that affects your overall budget and have a positive impact on environment too. Every time when your DMP cartridge has stopped working, it is better to use DMP refills with ink pads instead of buying a new cartridge.

At ProDot, wide range of DMP refills are available suitable with almost every brand and printer model available in market till now. Our research and development team is also putting maximum efforts to give best end product and refilling aids to client.

Refill DMP cartridges

Our Clients can avail DMP refills with ink pad at very affordable prices. Besides, we also offer huge discount and offers on bulk orders. Our state of art infrastructure well equipped with latest tools and machineries makes us more confident in print consumable industry. This is our dedication and our proficient team that makes us different from crowd. To know more on to available models and our product range, kindly contact our expert team and get attractive deals right now.

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