Where can I see & buy “ProDot” products in my city?

ProDot products are available at about 10,000 retail outlets spread across India through our 700 distributors. However, to know your nearest shop you can either call at 011-47564756 (100 lines) or post an enquiry at our site or at

Where can I check prices of “ProDot” products?

Our website has MRP of all the products manufactured or marketed by us.

How can I become a dealer / stockist of “ProDot” products?

Simple, either by filling the form on our website in Contact-Us section or by mailing your inquiry at or may even call us at 011-47564756 (100 lines) giving necessary and relevant details of your present business, location, experience, contact nos., Email-id market potential, financial status & reasons of association with “ProDot”. An official would then speak to you to assess your proposal to decide on the same. 

Where & how do I register a complaint to get a “ProDot” product repaired or replaced?

All “ProDot” products are warranted for any manufacturing defect found under normal specified use. You can register your complaint in the complaint form provided in our website as per category of complaint product or you may go to our nearest Office/ C&F Agent/ Depot with the defective product or even can call our CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) at 011-47564756 with the necessary details as required in the form. We would promptly revert and action would be taken to resolve your complaint. 

How do I know about the right compatible ProDot Cartridge Model for my printer?

At ProDot we make compatible cartridges of all type of printers viz. DMP, Inkjet and Laserjet of almost all popular printers sold by HP, Samsung, Canon, Wipro, Epson, TVSE, etc. sold in India and our website contains their compatibility information. You can check for this information in following 3 ways, viz.:

a)    By Calling: Just call our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) at 011-47564756 with details of make and model your printer or cartridge make and model              (OEM). Our CRM would inform about the right suitable ProDot Cartridge for your printer.

b)    Our Website: Just type make and model of your printer in the search box in the home page of our website.

c)    On Packaging: ProDot cartridge packaging box has the information of the printer models it is compatible with.

What is refilling of cartridge?

Refilling of cartridge refers to reusing an old/used cartridge when it exhausts ink/toner inside it then filling fresh ink/toner into that old/used cartridge either manually or by machines after thorough cleaning and removing the residual ink/toner, if any. They are also known as “Remanufactured Cartridges”.

A cartridge is generally due for replacing or refilling when printouts become lighter, unclear or missing.

What is difference between OEM, Compatible & Remanufactured cartridges?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Cartridges refers to the cartridges which are manufactured and marketed by printer manufacturer viz. HP, Samsung, Canon, Epson, etc. in their brand.

Compatible Cartridges are cartridges manufactured & marketed by a company (other than OEM, say ProDot) to suit & work on the printers made by other companies HP, Samsung, Canon, Epson, etc.

Remanufactured- Some manufacturers collect used (empty) cartridges, clean and refill and market them as remanufactured cartridges in their own brand. Remanufacturing of toner cartridges may also require replacement of some worn out components, viz. blades, OPC drums, PCRs etc.

It is interesting to remark that in order to save money SOME OEMs also use old components (PROCURED FROM USED CARTRIDGES) TO MAKE their NEW Cartridges.

Will I get same page yield from a “ProDot” cartridge as that of an OEM cartridge?

Yes. ProDot cartridges ensure for a page yield at par with OEMs and sometimes they deliver even better since we try to put even more ink/ toner in our manufactured cartridges.

Will using a remanufactured cartridge void my printer’s warranty?

In NO way!  The MAGNUSON – MOSS Warranty Act (enacted by USA Congress in 1975) has made it ILLEGAL for OEMs to force their customers (tied selling) to exclusively use their cartridges as a precondition of warranty. Even some leading OEMs have mentioned in their website that use of remanufactured or refilled cartridges would not affect their printer’s warranty. However any damage caused to any part of printer due to bad quality of refilled or remanufactured cartridge would not be covered in printer’s warranty. 

In past I had a bad experience with refilling why I should try it again?

Cartridges are good enough to be refilled 5-7 times or even more, but re-refill-ability and print quality from a refilled cartridge depends on quality of refill material (ink/toner), refilling procedure, handling, storage, condition of cartridge & printer even usage condition has some impact. Refilling is done all across the world. By refilling your ink and laser cartridges you not only save money but also preserve environment.

How much money do I save using a “ProDot” cartridge or by getting it refilled?


Following table gives an idea of savings in percentage, here prices for OEM cartridge and refilling are taken from market and prices of ProDot cartridges are MRPs. 


How many times a cartridge can be refilled?

An inkjet cartridge is good enough to be easily refilled 5-7 times or even more, but re-refill-ability and print quality from a refilled cartridge depends not only on quality of ink/toner put in cartridge but also on handling, refilling procedure, storage & usage conditions. Same applies to laser cartridges but refilling it many times may require replacing some worn-out components like OPC drum, Chip, PCR, blades, etc.

How does refilling & recycling help environment?

Cartridges are mainly made of plastics & take approx 2.5 – 5.0 ounces of oil to manufacture. Each refill is thereby reduces landfill waste significantly. Also it takes upto 500 years for the plastic to fully degenerate into landfill so saving on dumping wastes, pollution & most importantly costs too.

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