Inking the country blue with ProDot!
Inking the country blue with ProDot!

What began as an iconoclast blue-themed brand in mere 50 sq. ft. holding raw material of less than Rs. 10,000 in the late 1990s, today enjoys more than 70% monopoly in dot matrix printer cartridges.

This has been the journey of ProDot, the frst Indian brand to introduce the concept of dot matrix

ribbon reflls. ProDot made ribbon reflls as easy and accessible as replacing ball point reflls.

Back in the late 1980s, dot matrix were the only printers available and their ribbon market was catered mostly by Singapore. Due to tedious import processes, time constraints and inadequate communication over fax, everyday work was hampered and held-up. It was a grave situation as people had even begun to use the carbon sheet in the multi-sheet paper as the main paper because of the scarcity of ribbon cartridges. ProDot became the first brand to create ready reflls that would replace the original ribbons and the cartridge would be renewed. It was an inexpensive and easy method to make the ribbon cartridge as good as new again. This way, the same cartridge was renewed and the temporary shortage of the cartridges was catered by a made in India solution. This was the first time that ProDot was able to understand the need of the market. Slowly, widening its network from the capital of the country to the whole of the country, ProDot came up with its own made in India products.

Nestled in the nature's basket in Dehradun is the manufacturing plant of ProDot where it's been manufacturing laser toner compatible cartridges, keyboards and mouse, surge protectors, refilling aids, adaptors etc. apart from dot matrix printer cartridges. These products are made in-house with its own state of the art machinery and procedures in its own 50,000 sq ft area. These products run through various quality checks and tests and are then distributed in its sales channel where it proudly serves 1 million happy customers.