PCR - HP 12A/FX-9

Rs. 50.00
Brand: ProDot
Product Code: PCR - HP 12A/FX-9
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Compatible With:

Canon EP 25, 26, 27,303,703,319,719,315,715,308,708,16, FX-3, 9, 10

HP 505A, 2612A, 2613A, 2624A, 3906A, 4096A, 5949A, 7115A, 7553A,C280,92A

Volume (in CFT): 0.0401(10 Pcs)
Weight (in kg): 0.640(10 Pcs)
Packing: minimum Packing-10 Pcs & no outer Packing
Volume (in inches): 10.225 X 6.30 X 1.075(10 Pcs)

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