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Precisely engineered Doctor Blades at most suitable prices

The function of the doctor blade inside laser printer is to regulate toner amount available at mag-roller and it also helps in charging toner electrically to develop final image on to OPC drum. Whenever any manufacturer producing doctor blades, it is necessary to focus on three critical areas – hardness, surface finishing, and dimensional accuracy. If all of these areas are focused properly, doctor blades assure proper functioning and desired performance.

There may be wide variation in imaging quality if any wiper blades loses force against mag-roller. Most of toners had lower melting point and large tendency to stick with doctor blade. In case, toner will get stuck to wiper blade your laser cartridge performance may fall dramatically. In this case, it is necessary to replace doctor blades that are polymerized coated and does not stuck with toner easily.

Doctor blades for laser cartridges

  • At ProDot, we offer impregnable range of toner doctor blades suitable for various laser printer cartridges. We have best doctor blades assures proper functioning and desired printing quality.
  • Best part is that all of our doctor blades are highly affordable and easily available at a simple request.
  • Our best wiper blades are highly appreciated across all Indian regions for their précised engineering and sharp edges.
  • Our doctor blades are designed and manufactured wisely as per customer needs and current market demands.
  • To know more on to our doctor blades for laser cartridges and other laser jet components, stay tuned with our expert team or give us a call right away.
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