Refill aids For Laser Cartridges

Laser printer refill aids helps to reuse printer in best way and it also reduces overall printing cost and cost of a new cartridge installation. There are plenty of players in market today offer Laser printer refill aids and other laser jet components too. ProDot is the leader in print consumable industry offering refilling aids for laser printer at most favorable prices.

Laser toner refilling is usually done by refill kit where you have to add laser toner powder into your cartridge to make it functional again. These are equivalent to OEMs in quality and page yield is also appreciable. Best part is that remanufactured or laser cartridge refilling helps in protecting environment too.

ProDot provides best laser toner refill services to its client’s at most competitive prices. Our laser printer refill aids include different components mainly – Laser toner Powder (LTP), wiper blade, doctor blade, OPC drums, Mag rollers, Primary charge rollers (PCR) and Chips.

Laser Toner Powder

It is directly used inside laser cartridge to make it functional. Our LTP is available in balanced composition and suitable to use with almost all cartridge models. Read More>>

OPC Drums

OPC drum is taken as critical component for any laser printer responsible for quality and performance of image printing. For the laser printer, image formation task is done by toner that sticks to OPC drum further. Now OPC drum will get charged and Laser light will be exposed on printing area to print the final image that will be visible to us. In this way, OPC drums are considered major requirement for any laser printer. Read More>>

Doctor Blades

The function of the doctor blade inside laser printer is to regulate toner amount available at mag-roller and it also helps in charging toner electrically to develop final image on to OPC drum. Whenever any manufacturer producing doctor blades, it is necessary to focus on three critical areas – hardness, surface finishing, and dimensional accuracy. If all of these areas are focused properly, doctor blades assure proper functioning and desired performance. Read More>>

Wiper Blades

Wiper blade is an integral component of laser cartridge that stays in touch continuously with OPC drum and also maintains balance between electrostatic force and friction. Its function is to clean residual toner from OPC drum prior to next imaging cycle. Read More>>

Mag- Rollers

Magnetic rollers or mag-rollers are one of the most important laser jet components for laser cartridge helps in producing high quality pages with perfect density. Read More>>

Primary Charging Rollers (PCR)

PCR (Primary charge roller) is a compact roller usually 10 mm – 15 mm in diameter. The task of primary charging roller is to charge OPC drum electrically. It moves over surface of OPC drum slowly in order to transfer electric charge to toner. Read More>>

Laser Cartridge Chips

Every time when any pop up message appears on to your screen related to printer, you should thank to laser toner chips. These smart chips are used inside laser cartridges to monitor different levels of your toner cartridge. They intelligently communicate with your system whenever any problem arises. Read More>>

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