Vision & Mission


"With our head high with esteem and our feet firmly on ground we are aiming for the sky"

Our mission is to become a leading brand and a complete solution providing company in print media products /image products at the same time being profitable and lucrative for both resellers and end users.


Information Technology to be a part of every household

Our vision is to contribute in the spread and reach of IT products and services to each and every household in the country. It is imperative so that it becomes part and parcel of everyone’s daily lives. Our vision in this case is to provide high quality premium IT products and solutions easily, readily and at affordable costs to end-users.

India to be a 'Technology Creator' from 'Technology Importer'

It is a digital era and it’s vital that India transform from an importer of technology to an exporter of technology. India is involved in manufacturing for/based on the technology for the West. We continue to focus on Research and Development as a key area so that India is recognized as a technology creator.

Generating Employment

A family is sustained when an individual earns. Livelihoods are dependent on the bread-earner of the family. Hence, it’s equally important that the individuals are employed in immense numbers. More than 1000 highly skilled personnel work with us. We aim to scale the organization size multifold from here, consequently generating employment. Not only we employ them, we train and educate them too.

Support 'Make in India'

We strongly believe and support government's initiative of 'Make in India'. We, a 30 year old company, is truly a 'Make in India' company and is committed to the nation. Most of our product range is manufactured in-house in our plant at Dehradun and we have diversified our product portfolio to compatible laser cartridges, ribbons, keyboard, mouse, antivirus products, surge protectors, refilling aids, laptop adapters, CCTV cables, USB Hubs etc.

Social Welfare and Awareness

A part of our profits are always allocated and dedicated towards social causes such as educating people, maintaining sanitation and cleanliness in the neighboring areas and helping people be self-employed. We wish to do our bit and contribute towards society.