Troubleshooting:- Antivirus

I don’t have a CD-ROM. What do I do?

You can download ProDot Antivirus through our website i.e.

I put the ProDot Antivirus CD in my CD-ROM but nothing happened. How do I install it?

After inserting the ProDot Antivirus CD in the CD-ROM, double-click the My Computer icon. Locate the icon for the CD-ROM drive (generally it is drive “D :\”) then double-clicks on it. Double-click on the ****** folder. Locate the Setup file and double-click on it, this will start the ProDot Antivirus setup program.

What happens if my system stops responding/crashes while installing ProDot Antivirus?

Reboot/Reset your system and try the installation again. If problem persists, contact our Customer Care.

I don’t have an active internet connection, how do I register?

You can activate your product even if you don’t have an active internet connection with the offline activation facility, for this purpose you need to have a “license key” that can be obtained through our technical support team by following below steps:

o   For that first of all you need an “activation code” mentioned on your CD jacket/cover then you can contact our support team through toll free number or live chat option.

o   Once you connect with any of our technical support representative please provide your email id along with the “activation code” to get the “License key” from us.

o   As soon as you will receive “License key” on your email id you just need to copy and paste the complete string on the given space after choosing “I have the license key” option.

o   Now press OK button to activate your product.

I don’t have an active internet connection, how do I update my product?

For offline updates, please visit our website: , there you will find a tab with latest antivirus updates. Now click on the antivirus update tab to download the same. Once you download the update run the update file to keep your antivirus up to date. We recommend you to download and update your antivirus at least once in every week.

I have lost my Product key (which I suppose is still valid) and uninstalled ProDot Antivirus as well but I want to install it again. What do I do now?

Contact Customer Support for further assistance.

ProDot Antivirus was unable to delete a virus, what to do?

Sometimes you may need to reboot you PC in order to remove a virus completely; otherwise it will show itself again and again during scans. If you restart the computer and the problem still exists, please seek help from a customer support representative.

What to do when ProDot Antivirus does not detect a virus?

Some files may not be detected by ProDot Antivirus even if they are malicious. This is called a false negative and usually occurs when the malware uses new (unexplored) techniques.

What to do when ProDot Antivirus detects legitimate applications?

There is a possibility that ProDot Antivirus will report a legitimate file as being infected. This is called a false positive and usually occurs when ProDot Antivirus decides that the file behaves like a malware. You can report the file to us; we will fix this issue as soon as possible.

What should I do if I receive the error message “Update Failed”?

Verify that your license has not expired Check your Internet connection Try updating again If problem persists, contact our customer support

What happens if the Scan, Firewall, Threats tabs turn Grey?

This means the Antivirus Core Service has stopped working. You will have to restart the ProDot Antivirus Core Service through services.msc which can be accessed by typing the same in Start>Run.

What happens if the Update Tab turns Grey?

This means the Antivirus Auxiliary Service has stopped working. You will have to restart the ProDot Antivirus Auxiliary Service through services.msc which can be accessed by typing the same in Start>RUN.

What happens if I receive the message “Antivirus Core Service stopped”?

Restart Your PC, if you still receive this message, re-install/Repair ProDot Antivirus.

What to do if the update is stuck in between and the progress bar does not move??

Try restarting the update, if problem persists contact Customer Care.

What to do if I receive a notification “Virus Found” again and again even though I press delete/quarantine/cure?

This may be a case of False Positive, press exclude when the notification pops up, then send the file to us through Feedback for analysis.

Shredding takes a lot of time. What to do?

Shredding large files may take several minutes. If Shredder takes a lot of time to shred small files. Please upgrade your system’s hardware.

I am using Windows XP operating system with 512 MB of RAM on my computer and after installing ProDot Antivirus my system performing slowly, what should I do?

512 MB RAM is not recommended requirement for installing ProDot Maximum Security or ProDot antivirus. Still you can install antivirus with 512 MB RAM but for efficient results you have to remove unwanted programs and services first which consumes RAM. Secondly, it would be great if you can increase RAM capacity for your system up to 1GB or more.

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