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What is an AC adaptor and what are its functions?

AC Adaptor is a device which converts AC power (normal domestic power) into DC power for devices which operate on it like cell phones, laptop adaptors etc. and it’s basic functions are:

a)     It scales down Voltage from 220 volts to 6 to 18 volts as per requirement using a small transformer.

b)    Then adaptor coverts AC voltage into DC using a setup called rectifier. Rectifier uses combination of diodes, one-way electronic components to make constant DC power.

How to choose the right suitable “ProDot’ adaptor for my laptop?

While purchasing an adaptor ensure that it matches exact output (voltage & current) and pin-size as required by your laptop. Both these specifications you can have from your old adaptor or laptop manufacturer’s website. In adaptor specifications voltage is shown as V (Volts) current as A (Ampere) and pin-size in mm as OD x ID x L (Outer Dia x Inner Dia x Length) also you can match the pin from your old adaptor.

USP of ‘ProDot’ AC Adaptors?

ProDot AC adaptors not only supply accurate voltage and current to laptop but also have extra safety features to protect your laptop, like:

Safety features:

-       OCP:- Over Current Protection

-       OVP:- Over Voltage Protection

-       SCP:- Short Circuit Protection

Other features:

-       Shell/body made of polycarbonate

-       Low ripple

-       Low interference

USP of ProDot Keyboards?

-       Strong and durable ABS plastic body

-       Spill resistant design allows liquids (caused due to accidental spills) to drain-out through holes in body

-       longer click life - 10 million

-       1.5 meter long cable made of 100% copper

How to clean a keyboard or a mouse?

Unplug the device from computer, remove batteries (if wireless model), invert the keyboard and tap gently to remove the stuck dirt/dust with in keys (if any), wipe the device with a soft lint-free cloth, if required may slightly wet the cloth but plug the dry device only. Clean the lens of mouse (on the back) using ear-bud/cotton gently.

Surfaces on which an optical mouse works well or do not or may not work.

Surface of mouse-pad is the best answer to this question. It should be plain, smooth but not glossy, soft but not puffy, matte, non-transparent, non-reflective etc. Actually, when we move a mouse the computer registers the changes in surface thru LED & lens. So, on glossy (glass) and reflective (mirror) surfaces, mouse is not able to register surface changes properly hence do not work properly.

DPI in mouse and its significance.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) in a mouse is a measure of sensitivity, higher DPI means smoother and more accurate pointer movement thru mouse, which is normally required by designers. In general the mouse with higher DPI has an adjustable switch.

Are “ProDot” mouse and keyboards compatible with Macintosh desktop or laptop.

Yes, they are compatible. 

Do I need to install any software to install “ProDot” mouse or keyboards on my computer?

No, just plug and play.

The mouse pointer moves fast/slow.

Mouse setting needs to be changed as: Select mouse (icon) in control-panel, go to properties, select pointer, adjust speed or motion as per requirement. 

The mouse pointer is moving erratically or randomly or not moving properly.

LED lens of your mouse is dusty and requiring cleaning (cleaning is explained in this section). Another reason can be surface on which you are operating the mouse is not appropriate (surface is also explained in this section). 

The pointer of mouse moves even-when mouse is motionless.

Surface on which mouse is being operated is glossy or reflective, surface is already explained in this section.

The left click of my mouse acts as right click.

Mouse setting needs to be changed as: Select mouse (icon) in control-panel, go to properties, select button-configuration, set primary and secondary buttons as per requirement. 

Scroll wheel of my mouse is moving fast or slow.

Mouse setting needs to be changed as: Select mouse (icon) in control-panel, go to properties, select wheel, set number of lines or page as per requirement. 

Characters I type from keyboard don’t match from characters on screen.

Some keys of your keyboard could be wrongly (not at it’s original place or position) fitted or your keyboard layout is set on a different language other than the one which you want to use. To set select language (icon) in control-panel, go to details, select add, set language as per requirement.

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