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How do I replace the toner cartridge my printer with a new one?

First ensure the new cartridge is compatible with your printer. It can be done from printer’s manual/ProDot website or from packing box.

Then take out the used (empty) cartridge from printer carefully observing its slots & how it was positioned. Remove the plastic or aluminum seal (if any) from the new cartridge by pulling it straight. Discard the seal & insert the Cartridge after gently shaking (to spread the toner inside it uniformly). Installation instructions are also embedded on body of the cartridge and / or underneath the printer cover. It is always good practice to follow installation guidelines as given in printer manual.

Will the local weather (moisture, temperature etc.) affect print performance of laser toner printers?

Yes, to some extent as humidity in air coming in contact with toner powder causes formation  of undesired  pustules or tiny little balls on the surface of drums which may cause moist smudging in printouts-which disappears after  operating printer for sometime say  printing 10-15 pages (due to  heating). It is advisable to wipe the OPC drum with a dry and clean tissue paper gently.

Note- Printing is best when done at room temperature in a clean & dust free environment.


How & where do I store laser cartridges?

Laser toner cartridges being delicate should be kept in polythene bag and be kept away from heat, dust & moisture in a cupboard etc, at room temperature. OPC drum (generally metallic green/blue color) of a toner cartridge is a delicate part, always ensure for a safe and gentle storage and handling, avoid touching it with hands, may be cleaned or wiped with a clean and dry tissue. 

Can using “ProDot” toner cartridges damage my laser printer?

No, they don’t cause any harm to printers as ProDot cartridges are adjusted for appropriate torque and tension for smooth movement and to give minimum load on printer’s motor. In addition to this at ProDot we have applied PMS (Perfect Matching System), as per this before manufacturing all the parts of a cartridge are checked for a perfect matching and compatibility.

How “ProDot” toner powder enhances life of printer and the cartridge both?

Laser printer being a delicate machinery requires very tiny and fine grade toner particles. Just imagine, diameter of toner powder particles ranges between 8-10 microns, which is around 1/12 of thickness of a human hair (about 100-125 microns). ProDot toner powder is made in strict QC environment and is checked to have appropriate and accurate charge, darkness, background, fusing & melting temperature, pH, etc. plus they pass through compatibility tests on different cartridges. Hence ProDot toner delivers quality printouts without causing any abrasion on OPC drum and other parts of printer increasing re-refill-ability of a cartridge, thus enhancing life of both. 

My new/refilled cartridge is having black powder on it (leaking).

Toner cartridges contain toner powder as ink. Toner particles are very small in size, their diameter is 8-10 microns only. They can come out from very small openings like pinholes not closed /sealed properly during refilling.

Just wipe the cartridge with some cloth, gently shake it to ensure there is no big leakage and install into your printer. (proper installation of a cartridge is explained in another question).

How to verify that a laser cartridge is really defective?

In case you get a poor printout just don’t means that the cartridge is defective as there are other factors also responsible for it they are condition of printer, quality of media (paper), usage conditions, etc. And best way to verify that a laser cartridge is really defective is take same printout from same printer on same media at the same time by some other (okay) cartridge. So, if you get okay prints by some other cartridge keeping all other parameters constant then it would mean that your cartridge is really defective.

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