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How to replace an ink cartridge in inkjet printer?

Firstly, make sure you are replacing it with Right compatible cartridge suitable for your printer model. May refer to printer manual or cartridge packaging or ProDot website.

Then take the new cartridge out of its packing, remove its protective plastic clip or poly bag (in which it is packed). Gently remove its transparent tape that protects its print-head and insert it into printer’s slot carefully taking care not to touch/damage its copper circuit in any way.  A click sound will confirm it having been placed properly & ready for print. It is good practice to follow installation guidelines as given in printer manual.

How do I save money using ProDot (DIY) Inkjet Refill Kits?

Using “ProDot” DIY (Do It Yourself) Refill Kits you can refill your both ink cartridges (color & black) easily and simply in 10-12 minutes as simple as filling ink in a fountain pen, many times using tools, quality inks, plastic clip, and easy to follow pictured and written instructions. Self Refilling allows you to save substantially on money (compared to OEM’s expensive products).


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Do weather conditions like humidity, temperature etc. have any impact on print performance of inkjet printers?

Normally moisture is not observed to play much role in inkjet printing, importantly, environment should be free from dirt/dust and both printer & cartridge should be stored away from direct heat to avoiding drying up of ink & cause clogging etc. The printing should be regular & proper avoiding long breaks etc.

How & where do I store empty ink cartridges (empty or refilled)?

Ink cartridges being delicate should be kept in polythene bag, plastic clip or cover, and be kept away from heat, dust & moisture in a cupboard etc, at room temperature. Print head (metal strip) of an ink cartridge is the most delicate part, always ensure for a safe and gentle storage and handling, avoid touching it with hands, may be cleaned or wiped with a clean and dry tissue.

How “ProDot” inks enhance life of printer and the cartridge both?

Print-head of an ink cartridge has very fine holes (approx. 45 microns in diameter, which is less than half the thickness of a human hair around 100-125 microns), so require very fine inks. ProDot inks are made in very strict QC environment they are checked for appropriate pH, viscosity, surface tension and color etc. plus they pass through compatibility tests with the cartridge. So ProDot inks increase re-refill-ability of a cartridge and reduce print-head cleaning by the printer, enhancing life of both. However, we suggest to use model-wise inks to refill your ink cartridges.

Only 1 color is exhausted in my 3 color ink cartridge (CMY) shall I continue using remaining 2 colors?

No, firstly because all the colors printed from a color cartridge are generated by mixing of basic 4 colors (CMYK) e.g. Green is printed by mixing Cyan and Yellow, so if yellow is  exhausted then whenever we’ll print green we’ll get only cyan (blue).

Secondly, when one color is exhausted and you continue to use the cartridge with the remaining colors, it may cause the nozzle dry up or damage, and this will cause abnormal or uneven printing due to not mixing of all the 3 colors or poor spray. 

From ink cartridges which stickers/tapes are to be removed and which must not be removed?

From technical point of view in ink cartridges 2 labels are very important viz.:

a)  Seals or print head protectors, which are important to be removed at the time of installing a new/refilled cartridge, plus generally seals carry information such as remove or pull or seal, for user to understand and act accordingly.

b)   Air-pressure balancing stickers, which must not be removed as their removal may disturb the air pressure inside the ink chamber which may change flow of ink or ink discharge from print head while printing. This changed (over or under) flow would certainly effect on print quality accordingly. If required to remove (for refilling) then re-paste it properly at exactly the same place with the same pasting strength.

Getting blurred printouts ?

Most papers have only one side designed for printing- usually the shinier side, you may have loaded the wrong side facing up. If you loaded paper correctly, try using a different paper setting (uncoated paper absorbs more ink than coated/glossy papers). If you are using a lightweight and standard paper then switch to lower quality setting in the printer’s driver (under ‘Preferences’ tab), or turn off options that use more ink.

What is clogging of print-head (or nozzles) and how can I check it manually?

It is often that in inkjet printing you get white lines or missing or cut text (horizontally) the possible reason is some nozzles are clogged. To understand it more just clean (with a dry tissue) and inspect print-head of an ink cartridge, you will find so many holes (called nozzles) in it. To know how much clogged is print-head, form some 4-6 impressions by pressing cartridge from print-head on tissue paper. Uniform impressions indicate that print-head (nozzles) is open whereas non-uniform or missing impressions indicate that print-head (nozzles) is clogged.

Getting horizontally white lines or missing or cut text in printouts.

Print-head of your cartridge seems to be clogged, for minor clogging run print-head-cleaning, nozzle-check and nozzle-align utilities in printer’s driver to clean, check and align nozzles of your ink cartridge. Take test print to confirm cleaning, on requirement may repeat cleaning session. Confirm clogging manually (as explained in above question) and if problem persists you need to clean print-head by creating ‘-ve air pressure’ (explained in Troubleshooting:- Inkjet FAQs).

How to verify that an ink cartridge is really defective?

Since apart from ink cartridge there are other factors also responsible for print quality from an inkjet printer they are condition of printer, quality of media (paper), usage conditions, etc.. And best way to verify ink cartridge being defective is take same printout from same printer on same media by another okay cartridge. So, if you get okay prints keeping all other parameters constant and replacing ink cartridge only then it means that ink cartridge is really defective.

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