DMP Cartridges

Why ProDot Ribbons are called MAXLIFE Ribbons?

ProDot checks and adjusts cartridges to appropriate torque and tension to give minimum load on printer’s motor plus oil based ink of ribbon lubricates the pins of printer-head simultaneously at the time of printing.

What makes ProDot Ribbons better than others?

-       ProDot uses fabric of proper width, thickness, gauge and twist as per printer’s specifications to give clear and sharp impressions.

-       ProDot uses oil based, self spreading and fade resistant inks for consistent print quality and longer life.

-       ProDot makes joints by internationally approved ultrasonic welding machines to give extra smooth and strong joints.

-       All this plus a lot more makes ProDot ribbons not only better from other ribbons but best in its class. It is only the ProDot ribbons which print 4.5 lac                       character per meter.

What is NCU in DMP cartridges?

N:- Nylon 66 Fabric absorbs more ink to print more.

C:- Corrosion free, oil based lubricating inks to give extra life to printer head.

U:- Ultrasonic joints which are smooth and strong.

What is the difference in normal and high density ribbons?

Density of fabric is number of threads per square inch (reed and pick) and in ribbons normal or high is density of white/uninked ribbon (or fabric). Since DMPs come in two print-head pin options i.e. 9 pin and 24 pin, difference in them is printing quality. 9 pin printers capable of printing normal print quality requires normal density fabric whereas 24 pin printers capable of printing fine print quality requires high density fabric.

How does fold/twist (CW or ACW) enhance page yield of a DMP cartridge?

Fold or twist enables the printer to print from both the sides (top & bottom) of the narrow strip of inked fabric (i.e. ribbon). And direction of fold (CW-Clock-Wise or ACW-Anti-Clock-Wise) depends on printer cartridge model. 

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