How can I know if my system is secure?

ProDot Antivirus automatically monitors the system status in terms of security and provides summarized information in the System Status window of the program. You will see the system status on the left hand side of the antivirus window. It provides the following information:

Application Version- Application version explains about the version of the application which you are using.

Last Update- It shows when the last update was performed.

Patrol- It specifies if real time protection is running

Download scanning- Shows the current status of downloads scanning

Mail scanning- Shows the current status of mails scanning.

Firewall- Shows the current status of firewall.

What is Quick Scan?

A scan of critical area where viruses are most likely to infect. Quick Scan mode is useful in case you believe your system may have been compromised.

What is Full Scan?

A detailed Scan which checks all drives files & folders including compressed files, connected storage files etc. for virus. This may take some time. We recommend you to make a full system scan at least once in a week. You can also schedule a full system scan.

What is Custom Scan?

Using custom scan you can scan selected drives, files and folders as desired by you.

How do I start Quick Scan, Custom Scan or Full Scan?

Click on the Quick/Full/Custom Scan button on the main window.

How do I schedule my scans?

You can find the scan scheduler in Tools tab. It is a great way to automate the scans. You can set times for each of Full, Quick and Custom Scans.

How I can protect my system from USB Drive Virus?

PAV automatically shows a notification whenever a USB device is connected with your PC. From this notification pop-up you can choose the appropriate action required to help protect your PC from viruses.

The Notification icon of PAV is red, what should I do?

If the icon of PAV becomes red in color, this means that the program requires user intervention. It may indicate the location of active threats on your PC and would require you to take some actions; the indicator could also be for outdated databases and other important messages.

What do I do when a threat(s) is detected?

PAV has a built-in mechanism which determines the optimal action when threats are detected. You can manually change the antivirus response to a particular threat. Otherwise, we recommend you to stick to the default actions.

What all options are available for an infected file?

Cure | quarantine | delete | Ignore

Cure -It attempts to remove malicious code from infected file. If it fails then the file is moved to   quarantine.

Quarantine -ProDot Antivirus uses a special repository to isolate potentially dangerous files. We do not recommend user to replace files from quarantine repository unless you are sure about their safety.

Delete- Removes the infected file.

Ignore-It will add the file to exclusion and no action will be taken against it. Use at your own risk.

I think I have found a new virus. What do I do?

You can send the file to us through Feedback tab in the program.

Why should I renew my license on time?

If your license has expired, you cannot receive up-to-date protection for your computer. Because thousands of new malicious programs appear every day, it would be virtually impossible to remain protected without regular antivirus database updates. That is why we strongly recommend that our customers renew their licenses well in time.

When should I renew my license?

It is best to renew your license no earlier than 14 days before the expiration date and no later than the date the license expires.

How do I uninstall ProDot Antivirus?

To uninstall PAV, use Uninstall.exe and follow the instructions given.

Once I uninstall the antivirus, can I use the same key to activate it again on some other computer?

Yes, but you will have to call customer care for that.

How to open Utilities in PMS?

You can use the virtual keyboard to enter confidential information i.e. banking information, passwords etc. on your system so that your credentials remain safe from being compromised. To open Utilities in PMS, click on “Tools” ---> Click on "Utilities" --> Click on “Advanced Utilities” --> Click on "Virtual Keyboard --> "Click on "Start".

How do I set up my PMS Utilities password?

To open Utilities in PMS, click on “Tools” --> “Utilities” --> “Advanced utilities” Click on “Parental Control” or “Password Manager”. Now click on ‘Click here for user registration’ option. On registration form, enter your desired password and answer the security questions. Security questions are helpful in case of password recovery if you forget your password. Click OK after completing the process. Now you are ready to go.

What should I do forgot my utilities password?

Security questions are helpful in case of password recovery if you forget your password.

You can change your password by simply clicking on “Forgot Password” button on the Parental Control or Password Manager utility tab. It will ask two “security questions”, once you succeeded you can set new password to use PMS utilities. In case, you forget the answers of security questions then contact our technical support team for further assistance.

How to shred file(s) using File Shredder?

File Shredder is a utility used to securely delete a file leaving no scope for recovery of that particular file. You can use the “Add” button to add files to the shred list. On clicking the “Clean” button all files present in the Shred list will be shredded.

Use “Remove” button to remove a particular file from the list and use “Clear” button to clear the list.

NOTE: File Shredding is an irreversible process. Once done the file cannot be recovered by any means. Be very particular with your choices before shredding.

How do I block websites using Parental Control?

First login to Parental control using your “Utilities Password”. On the next window there are 3 tabs, first is Block by category and second is Block Specific websiteand last one is Allowed Websites.

Block by Category

Here you have a set of categories provided. You can mark any of them to block the websites listed in that particular category. The Blocked category will turn red once blocked. The websites mentioned in that particular websites would be blocked.

Block Specific Website

Here you can type in the name of a website to be blocked and add them to the blocked list.

Enter the website name in the textbox and click “Block” to add it to blocked list.

Allowed Websites

Here you can add websites which you do not want to block. All websites mentioned in the allowed list will be excluded from blocking. To allow a website enter the name of the website in the textbox and click “Allow” button.

NOTE: Whenever you block websites using Parental Control then please make sure that all your browsers are closed.

How do I unblock websites using Parent Control?

a. In the parental control window you will see 2 tabs first is Block by category and second is Block Specific website.

If you blocked any category before then you need to click on that category and remove the check from that category.

If you blocked some specific websites before then you need to click on Block specific website tab there you will see a list of blocked websites. Click the one you want to unblock and then click the Unblock button.

b. Use Unblock All button to unblock all blocked websites.

How do I use System Cleaner?

a. Click on the “Scan” button to start the system scan, the files can be cleaned once the scan is complete.

b. Using Settings of System Cleaner, you can also select the drives to scan.

How do I use Password Manager to keep my credentials secure?

Password manager is a repository to store your passwords at a safe location. Log into your password manager using your “Utilities password” and a new form will appear. The “Add” button will be used to add usernames and passwords to it. And the “Delete” button will be used to delete the passwords from it.

NOTE: The login credentials you entered in the utility will be saved in an encrypted form so that any other third party user cannot access your usernames and passwords.

How to open Virtual Keyboard?

You can use the virtual keyboard to enter confidential information i.e. banking information, passwords etc. on your system so that your credentials remain safe from being compromised. To open Virtual Keyboard click on the Tools -> "Utilities" -> "Advance Utilities" -> Virtual Keyboard ->Click on “Start” button.

I got a notification in Windows Action Center – “ProDot Maximum Security is on but reporting its status to Windows Security Center in a format that it is no longer supported”. What should I do?

Please don’t panic, and continue your work as usual.This notification is Microsoft bureaucratic feature which will not affect the functionality of antivirus installed on your PC.

How do I use Duplicate File Finder?

Duplicate file finder is a utility to find duplicates on your system. This will help you to free up the hard disk by removing extraneous files. You have two options available a full system scan and particular folder scan. You can also select the type of files to be scanned.

Once the scan is complete duplicates will be shown with the same color. You can mark the duplicates to be deleted and click the “Delete” button.

First check a checkbox show in duplicate file finder, “Browse” a directory and click “Scan” to scan that particular directory. To perform a full system scan click “Full system scan” button after checking a checkbox.

How do I use a Startup Manager?

The startup manager is a utility using which you can configure the services and programs which start up when your PC starts. This can used to free up the RAM and increase the system’s start up speed.

To use this utility click on “Tools” --> “Startup Manager” --> “Run”, here you can Add, Edit or Delete any startup service/element according to your needs.

How do I use a Task Manager?

Task manager is used to manage the applications running on your system. Here you can end the superfluous applications which aren’t required. This would free up your system’s RAM eventually increasing your system’s performance.

To use this utility click on “Tools” --> “Task Manager” --> “Run”, here you can “End” any running task and “Terminate” any running process.

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