Corporate Social Responsibility



In today’s world, it is no longer acceptable for an organization to attain & sustain economic prosperity while overlooking the needs of environment and the society. Datalink Industrial Corporation’s main focus is on being a good corporate citizen as well as conducting business within ethical means. We are in the business of reduction of electronic waste (E-waste) by re-use and recycling. A brief account of other social activities undertaken round the year is as under:

1. Self Employment for youth through Free training on modern refilling techniques

One of the biggest problems for educated young people in most parts of the world is finding employment and the situation is even more severe in India. Our company has taken a small initiative to offer them an opportunity to earn decently with respect & pride. Time to time FREE training programs covering all aspects of Ink & toner cartridges refilling together with practical sessions (up to 2 weeks) are conducted for the needy persons/entrepreneurs. After wards, they can start their own refill centre at a suitable place and venue of their choice and start earning upto Rs 15k to 20K per month easily.

There are thousands of such refill businesses running all over India and it is satisfying to say that several hundreds of them have been trained by us FREE COST. This  skill  training  initiative  by the company has motivated  them  to become a self  employed  successful entrepreneur  with  dignity  and pride &  not waste their precious  time .   


2. Blood donation

"Blood is Like a Parachute,

If  You do not get it,

When you need it,

You may never require it."

Every 2 seconds someone somewhere in India needs blood. It is estimated that about 50,000 patients under treatment at various hospitals in the country need blood transfusion to perform a surgery or medical procedures/ treatments every day. There is always a big gap between supply & demand because of limited storage facilities, and very short shelf life (5 -7 days ) & its unpredictable nature of  demand (caused by sudden accidents, calamities etc) .

Datalink Industrial Corp. understands the consequences of non- availability of  adequate blood /type overall and specially for defense personnel. Therefore, we have resolved to do whatever best we can do as a true patriotic organization. Our units at Dehradun organize blood donation camps, from time to time, for the aid of local Army Hospital with the active participation, involvement and also blood donation by several of our employees & their families. This blood is donated to  local Army Hospital for treatment of Indian army personnel & their families. 

Donating Injection Syringes etc to Red Cross Society

In addition to above we also extend a helping hand to Red Cross (he global NGO helping poor & needy patients, by donating them few thousand Injection Syringes etc.  and intend doing so in future too.


3. Recycling E- Waste & Reducing Polluting landfill

Protecting earth is our noble business

Company is in the business of recycling and re-filling cartridges wherein large quantities of printer ink and toner cartridges are remanufactured and made available for printing, thereby, protecting the environment and reducing e- waste.

The graphics below depict the phenomenon subtly- indicating how unwanted landfills & environmental pollution can be prevented & how re-cycling  is beneficial to mankind

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