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A laser toner cartridge is the consumable component used inside laser printers. The main components for toner cartridges are OPC Drums, Toner Powder, Magroller, Wiper Blades etc. that are helpful in printing actual image on the paper. Toner powder gets spreaded over paper through OPC drum charged electrostatically and fused on to paper through mag rollers while printing any image or content.

ProDot offers Laser toner cartridges that prints profits

ProDot offers wide spectrum of Laser printer toner cartridge highly compatible with all popular OEM brands available in market like HP Canon, Brother, Samsung and Xerox etc.

What are the Features and Benefits?

1) PMS Ensure Cartridges – At ProDot, our PMS (Perfect Matching System)feature ensures perfect matching of all components viz OPC Drums, Toner Powder, Magroller, Blades etc.

2) Highly Affordable - We specialize in giving best laser printer cartridge and toner cartridges to our clients’ at most favorable prices.

3) Maximum Page – Yield - We put appropriate quantity of toner powder to give maximum page-yield with crisp and dark Printout. Your printing costs will be reduced up to 70 % by our laser printer cartridges

4) Strict Quality Control System - We have installed top-notch quality management system to check laser printer cartridge on strict quality parameters including –

a) Printe Accuracy  b) Highly Durable  c) Compatibility

Our products are available across India with more than 12000+ dealers in all major Cities like Delhi Mumbai Punjab Hyderabad Bangalore etc. To know more on our models and compatibility list for laser toner printer cartridges, kindly contact our expert team or you can also call us directly.

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