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Printers (Computer Printers) – In 84.43 our concerning printers (IT industry) are Line, Dot Matrix, Laserjet, MFD, Inkjet, Facsimile, Photocopier.

Parts and accessories thereof – include spare parts, components & accessories of above mentioned printers, cartridges and cartridge components.

MFD – Multi Functional Device (ink or laser printers with photocopier, scanner or fax).

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08 Oct / 2015

About cloud printing

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The devices like smart phones and tablets are our every day and every time companions we now cannot think of life without these gadgets but one of the important feature often required by people whether a business man, student or professional was missing.

This drawback was then taken care and came into existence CLOUD PRINTING.

A cloud can be a public Internet or a private, national or global network. It can also be a local area network (LAN) within an organization and Google Cloud Print is a technology that connects printers to the web .Wherever you are you can be connected to the printer at home or office using Cloud Print on your phone, tablet, PC or any other web connected device.

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quality cartridge is a partnership between social networking services company Facebook and six other companies, Samsung, Ericson, MediaTek, Opera software, Nokia and Qualcomm. There main aim is to provide internet services to less developed and poor countries.

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Wi-Fi, a networking technology that provides high speed internet and network connections, it is one such fast riding inventions which no doubt is indistinguishable magic. This magic is now not .limited to our homes or work areas but also in public places to make life easy, luxurious and comfortable for working professionals.



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wireless combos

Internet is one of the great blessings of science. What used to be done in hours and days is now done in seconds and minutes. It has made our life easy and comfortable. But nothing interested is ever completely one sided. Everything is not always black and white, it has shades of grey also. The fear of the files being hacked or infected by virus is always there. So our comfort is not absolute, it too has shades of stress.


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neeraj rai

ProDot has created whole new era of antivirus industry with its wide range of offerings. Company has been continuously pushing the business by creating opportunities for its partners across the state. Recently, ProDot celebrated Independence week at Delhi office premises with full enthusiasm with all its employees scattered all across the country.

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